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    GCMS Notes

    GCMS stands for Global Case Management System (GCMS) Note. It is a complete  information file that can be requested by applicants for temporary residence, or permanent residence from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).This Case management system is used by IRCC’s global system to evaluate and manage the applications. Applicants can request a note from their file on the GCMS, to get updates on their application.

    Any applicants can request a GCMS note, as soon as their application has surpassed the R10 completeness check, which is the amount of time the processing office takes to assess whether all necessary documents are included in your application  The time or duration of each type of application is different.

    Understanding the information on GCMS notes

    Can anyone apply for GCMS notes?

    The answer that Navneet Sharma founder of Idea Immigration gives on GCMS Notes is Yes. Anyone who has an application with IRCC and CBSA, and whose application has passed the R-10 completeness stage can potentially apply for a GCMS.

    However, to obtain a GCMS note one must first submit and Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) request, under the ATI. To submit an ATIP one must be:

    • Either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; or
    • An individual residing within Canada.

    Applicants outside of Canada can still apply for GCMS notes through the use of a representative who is either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, or a corporation in Canada.

    To obtain your GCMS notes or any help on your GCMS notes.

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