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    Child Sponsorship

    The objective of the Family Class of immigration is to reunite close family members in Canada.

    Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor their dependent children, parents and grandparents, spouse, common-law, and conjugal partners through the Family Class.

    The Government of Canada has a strong commitment to keeping families together whenever possible. Because of this, processing Family Class applications is a high priority at Canadian Visa Offices.

    Under most circumstances, individuals coming to Canada as temporary foreign workers or permanent residents have the right to bring their dependents, including any dependent children, to Canada with them. However, circumstances arise when this is not possible at immigration. Therefore, the government has created a unique program to facilitate their loved ones’ entry into Canada for Canadian citizens and permanent residents with dependent children abroad.

    The Dependent Child Sponsorship Program

    Dependent children, both natural and adopted, may be sponsored to live with their parent(s) as permanent residents in Canada. The child sponsorship program is a subsection of the Family Class of immigration.

    To be eligible for this program, both the Canadian citizen or permanent resident (also called the ‘sponsor’) and their child abroad (the ‘sponsored person) must be approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the sponsored person to receive a visa.

    To receive a visa through this immigration program, the sponsor and the sponsored person will be required to prove their relationship to one another. Individuals whose adoption proceedings are in the final phases of processing may begin supporting their child before the adoption has been finalized. Be sure to read the specific requirements for the program and some additional general requirements for Canadian sponsorship.

     After Sponsorship

    Children sponsored through the Family Class of immigration receive Canadian permanent residence. This includes the right to study and work in Canada.

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