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    Designated Learning Institution List

    In most cases, prospective international students who desire to study at a Canadian post-secondary institution must provide a letter of approval from a Designated Learning Institution when applying for a Canadian study permit.

    Applicants must furnish the Designated Learning Institution number (DLI #) for their school of choice. The DLI number is the number that begins with the letter “O” on the study permit application form.

    In some examples, students may be excused from providing a letter from a DLI or giving a DLI number in their application. These issues may include, but are not limited to:

    • Students at a primary or secondary institution. These schools are all automatically designated, and no DLI number is provided.
    • A foreign national family member whose application for a work permit or a study permit is approved in writing before the foreign national enters Canada. In this subject, the family member may get an open study permit.

    Sometimes, institutions may lose their designated status. Depending on when the status is lost, the international student may be affected.

    • If an individual submits an application for a study permit with a letter of acceptance from an institution that is not a DLI, the study permit application is refused.
    • If an individual submits an application for a study permit with a letter of acceptance from a DLI, but the institution loses its designated status before the study permit can be issued, the student has three options. They may:
      • Withdraw the application;
      • Submit a letter of acceptance from a different DLI;
      • Do nothing, at which point the application will be processed according to the information supplied. The application will therefore be refused.
    • If an individual receives a study permit for a DLI, and the institution fails its designated status after giving the study permit, the student has two choices. They may:
      • Transfer to another DLI;
      • Continue studying at the non-designated institution until their study permit expires. In this case, the study permit may not be renewed for the non-designated institution.

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