Canada Work Permit

Canada Work Permit

Canada welcomes nearly 300,000 temporary foreign workers every year. To work in Canada, majority of foreigners having a job offer from any Canadian employer need to get a Temporary Work Permit.

A work permit does not, in any way, guarantee your permanent stay in Canada.

There are different routes to get a Temporary Work Permit in Canada. This depends on a couple of factors including—

  • The nationality of the worker;
  • Personal and professional profile of the worker; and
  • Type, skill level and the location of the job or employment in Canada.

It may be noted that any immigration consultant or immigration consultancy cannot find jobs for applicants. Hence, as an immigration consultant Canada, Idea Immigration only helps the applicant with the immigration process once the applicant has been approached by the employer and has been presented with an offer of job in Canada.

Moreover, Canada immigration department (CIC—Citizenship and Immigration Canada) does not offer Canada open work permits to work anywhere in Canada. Work permits are employer specific.

As a temporary foreign worker wanting to work in Canada or as an employer wanting to hire a foreign worker, you need to know the details about different Canada work options available before you.

Eligibility Conditions to work in Canada—

  • You need to meet the requirements to come and stay in Canada, and to get a work permit;
  • Your employer must apply for LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment) to recruit or hire you;
  • Your employer must pay the compliance fee and submit an employment letter to CIC.

As an Immigration Consultant Canada, Idea Immigration will provide a step-by-step guidance to foreign workers wanting to present their application for a Canada work permit. Our immigration consultants shall help temporary foreign workers get a work permit to work in Canada. Idea Immigration will assess your eligibility for a work permit application. If you are found eligible, then we will file your work permit application for you.

We know that a professionally prepared applicant does make a lot of difference when making an application to embassies abroad. Hence, Idea Immigration, an immigration consultant in Canada, thoroughly reviews the eligibility conditions of the Canadian embassy handling the application from the concerned worker’s nation of origin and ensures that the required vital details are present as per those eligibility requirements.

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