Canada Visitor Visa

Every year, Canada welcomes nearly 35 million temporary residents. Apart from Canadian permanent residents and Canadian citizens, all persons need an authority to come to Canada as a visitor, with or without any TRV (Temporary Resident Visa).

The TRV is a document granted by a Canadian Immigration Visa Office outside Canada, showing that the holder has fulfilled all the required conditions for coming to Canada as a visitor.

The TRVs can be for single entry or multiple entries. Majority of visitors to Canada get six months period (to stay in Canada) from their date of entry, and their passport has a simple stamp from the Immigration Official at the Port of Entry.

The visitor has to leave on or before the expiry of the six month period, as a rule. However, in some exceptional cases, you can extend your stay in Canada by getting an approval for this from Canada Immigration authorities. An approval will help you to stay in Canada with a legal status and keeps your options open for any future return visits to Canada.

It needs to be noted that tourists are allowed to stay in Canada for six months, while international students and temporary foreign workers can stay in Canada for varying periods of time, depending on the individual case. One can apply for extension of his or her Canada visitor visa within Canada.

All visitors to Canada need to show, at the Port of Entry, that their aim of visit to Canada is purely of a temporary nature. If the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) officials at the Port of Entry view that any person does not intend to leave Canada at the expiry of his or her visitor visa, then they can deny entry to such person.

All visitors to Canada should be able to demonstrate their ability to support themselves during their intended stay in Canada.

A visitor may be prevented from entering Canada on account of medical or criminality issues.

  • Business Visitor Visa—Business visitors do not need any work permit for coming to Canada. However, those from nations requiring a TRV to come to Canada need to receive a TRV before you proceed to Canada.
  • Super Visa for Parents & Grand Parents—For Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and Canada permanent residents, Super visa for Parents and Grandparents is a great option for visiting Canada. It is a ten-year multiple-entry visa which allows you to come and stay in Canada for a period of up to two years on every entry.
  • Visitor for Tourism—Canada allows foreigners to visit Canada for tourism or for seeing their family. There are certain visa-exempt nations, however, visitors from other nations require an authority to come and stay in Canada. This is known as a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa).

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