Provincial Immigration under Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

Prospective immigrants having the desired skills and experience needed by Nova Scotia can get nominated to immigrate to this province under NSNP. Getting a Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate helps in fast-tracking the immigration process.

Consider the following different NSNP streams to know if you qualify—

  • Skilled Worker
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneur
  • Nova Scotia Demand-Express Entry
  • Nova Scotia Experience-Express Entry

Skilled Worker

The Skilled Worker stream enables employers hire recently graduated international students and foreign workers whose skills are in great demand in Nova Scotia. An employer can hire foreign workers for vacant positions if they are not able to get suitably skilled Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

International Graduate Entrepreneur

The International Graduate Entrepreneur stream is meant for recent graduates of Nova Scotia Community College or university. They should have already begun or purchased a Nova Scotia business and also operated it for not less than one year. The graduate might get nominated for permanent residency if he or she wants to settle in Nova Scotia. Application can be made to this stream only by invitation.


The Entrepreneur Stream is meant for senior business managers or experienced business owners wanting to live in Nova Scotia. They should buy any existing business or begin a new business and need to take active part in the day-to-day management of the business. Application to this stream is only possible by invitation. The entrepreneur might get nominated for permanent residency after operating the business for 12 months.

Nova Scotia Demand—Express Entry

Express Entry (EE) is currently not accepting any new applications under this stream. However, it is means for high-skilled individuals wanting to live in Nova Scotia on a permanent basis. In addition, they should have a good probability of finding a job in Nova Scotia labor market quickly.

The Office of Immigration of Nova Scotia has the right to consider only some specific types of occupations for giving nominations. This really depends on the current labor market requirements.

Nova Scotia Experience—Express Entry

Express Entry stream chooses high-skilled individuals wanting to live in Nova Scotia on a permanent basis. They need to possess not less than one year experience of working in Nova Scotia in any high-skilled occupation.

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