Business Visitor Visa

Business Visitor Visa—Business visitors do not need any work permit for coming to Canada. However, those from nations requiring a TRV to come to Canada need to get a TRV before proceeding to Canada.

Who is a business visitor?

You are considered to be a business visitor to Canada if you intend to visit Canada temporarily to—

  • Explore ways to develop your business;
  • Invest; or
  • Advance your business relationships.

You may need to apply for an eTA or a visa to visit Canada if you are a business visitor.

If you require an eTA, then you must

  • Get it when you are planning your trip. Don’t keep waiting for the last minute to apply; and
  • Travel to Canada along with your passport you have used to get your eTA.

Documents needed for Visitor Visa applicants to be sent along with their application include

  • A letter of invitation from your potential business partner in Canada; and
  • A 24-hour contract details for that person.

In addition, you may also require some identification proof or cards that you have got a job.

Requirements as a business visitor to Canada—

You need to show the following—

  • You want to stay for less than six months period in Canada;
  • You don’t intend to enter the Canadian labor market;
  • Your primary place of business, and source of income and profits, is outside Canada;
  • You possess all the documents that support your application;
  • You fulfill the basic entry requirements of Canada. For this, you-
  • Possess a valid travel document(like a passport);
  • Have sufficient funds to support your stay and to return to your home nation;
  • Intend to leave Canada at the end of your visit; and
  • Are not a security/health risk to Canadians or a criminal.

What is included under any Cross-border business?—

Cross-border business may include the following—

  • Purchasing Canadian goods/services for any foreign government/business;
  • Attending conferences/meetings/conventions/trade fairs;
  • Taking orders for goods/services;
  • Getting training by any Canadian parent company that you work for outside Canada;
  • Providing training to employees or any Canadian branch of a foreign firm;
  • Offering after-sales services(managing but not doing any hands-on-labor); or
  • Getting trained by any Canadian company that has sold you services/equipment.

If you want to stay for more than six months in Canada and enter the Canadian labor market, then you will need a Temporary Work Permit.

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