Provincial Immigration under BC Provincial Nominee Program

The economic development of British Columbia (BC) relies on having sufficient qualified and skilled people to fulfill labor market requirements. The BC PNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program) provides a way for in-demand foreign skilled workers and experienced entrepreneurs to come and get permanent residence in B.C.

BC PNP Routes

Under BC Provincial Nominee Program, there are three routes to get permanent residency in B.C. Every route has different categories under which you can apply, depending on your international student status, job, or NOC (National Occupational Classification) skill level.

Select your route

  • Express Entry B.C.

Express Entry BC is a quicker way for eligible and qualified skilled foreign workers to immigrate to B.C. It makes use of a points-based invitation process. Express Entry BC is a web-based registration and application system for BC PNP and permanent residency process.

You need to qualify for a federal economic immigration stream. There is no requirement of any BC work experience. But, you need to have relevant work experience and fulfill other conditions including language and education.

  • Skills Immigration

Skills Immigration is meant for semi-skilled and skilled foreign workers in great- demand occupations in B.C. It makes use of a points-based invitation process. It requires registration and online application for the BC PNP and a paper-based application system for permanent residency.

For certain categories, you might not require any prior work experience. Recent international graduates of any Canada university or college might not require any work experience, depending on the employment being offered to them. Semi-skilled and Entry-level category applicants require B.C. work experience. Skilled workers might possess work experience from overseas.

  • Entrepreneur Immigration

This immigration stream is meant for wealthy business persons ready to invest in and manage a business in B.C. actively. The Entrepreneur Immigration program is a points-based system.

Applicants need to possess investment and personal funds. There is also an option available for firms wanting to expand into BC, and who want to get permanent residency for their leading employees.

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