Provincial Nomination Program

Every Canadian province and territory has been given the authority to choose and nominate individuals for permanent residence Canada on the basis of its own criteria and application process. This is done through their own respective immigration streams known as PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) for targeting foreign students, skilled/semi-skilled workers, and business people.

Each PNP is tailored to meet the specific requirements of Canadian province/territory for selection of nominees. Immigrants are selected on the basis of the economic contribution they make to the province or territory in which they get nominated. Immigrants need to have education, skills and work experience to make contribution to provincial economy or territory. In addition, they must intend to live there.

Before Making an Application for Permanent Residence Canada

Before making an application for permanent residence Canada, you have to secure nomination from Canadian province. Majority of Canadian provinces shall require ties with the Canadian province or an offer of job from a business within that Canadian province. Meanwhile, in some cases, this condition is waived.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the PNP is based on whether you make an application through paper-based (non-Express Entry streams) or EE (Express Entry streams) process.

Applying through the Paper-based process

  • You need to fulfill the minimum requirements of one of the Canadian province/territory’s non-Express Entry streams; and
  • You need to be nominated under that stream.

Applying through Express Entry Canada

  • You need to fulfill the minimum eligibility conditions of a Canadian province/territory’s Express Entry PNP stream; and
  • You need to be nominated under that stream.
  • You need to create an Express Entry profile and prove that you fulfill the minimum eligibility conditions for Express Entry Canada (including conditions of one of the immigration scheme it covers).

As per updates to Express Entry Canada-

  • You can get additional points if you have studied in Canada;
  • As of now, a valid offer of job needs to be only for one year. Moreover, some job offers don’t need any LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment);
  • You will get 90 days (instead of 60 days) if you get an invitation to apply.

See if you are eligible under any of the following PNPs

  • BC Provincial Nominee Program
  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program
  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Saskatchewan Province Nomination Program

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